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The application of geographic information system (GIS) is more relevant in seeking appropriate solutions to the environmental, economic and social problems of the hill states because of heterogeneity in their topography, weather, land use, forest types, cropping and social systems etc. GIS can be of immense help in rural, urban and regional planning, in solving problems related to health and human services, natural resource and environmental management, education, transportation, unemployment, production of foods, fruits & vegetables etc., networking of roads, supply of electricity and water, studying the change in land use, forest type, cropping pattern, underground water level, snow cover and to develop the decision support systems for the managers and planners of the hilly states. This assumes added significance in view of the technological and climatic changes.


The fact that the agriculture, including horticulture and forestry is the backbone of the economy and environment of Himachal Pradesh, their mapping, planning and management in scientific way needs no emphasis. GeoCentre of the University (CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University ) has the mandate to train manpower, collect, maintain, update and analyze the data base on different aspects related to agriculture, horticulture and forestry, besides other aspects of research and training on GIS-RS and providing consultancy services to the governmental and non-governmental organizations.


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