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The research agenda of the centre would be to work on some frontier R & D areas like natural resource management (land and water); global climate change impacts on land use changes; pollution scenario like location of industries e.g. cement plants and pesticide pollution hotspots; natural hazards like floods (glacial lake outburst floods, cloud bursts, forest fires, landslides etc.); development of suitable decision support system framework through GIS and DSS model interfaces. These are the areas that need immediate attention of the Agricultural University (CSKHPKV) to provide a sound background for developing food security of Himachal Pradesh.

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The training component of the Centre would focus on training of the first timers as well as training the trainers (mid career professionals) by periodically updating their knowledge base. Besides University scientists of different disciplines, officials of the line Departments like the Department of agriculture, soil conservation, irrigation and forests would be given priority for training so that after the training these officials can work and understand the GIS applicability to their respective disciplines. Some unique training modules will be used for training which would simulate the areas of the trainees own area of interest and work.

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A strong education curriculum on GIS would be introduced in terms of certificate courses as well as diploma courses of different duration. The curriculum would include basics, software understanding, use and applicability for problem solving and project management using GIS platform. The certificate/diploma holders would find job opportunities in various Departments that have just begun to use GIS in their mandated areas.

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The Centre would render Extension services for the

 Display on Kisan Melas/Kisan Divas/University Museum

 Radio/TV Talk related to Geo Informatics and its application.

 Lectures in the training on Geo graphic information System (GIS)

 Global positioning System (GPS)

 Remote Sensing (RS)

 Climate change Awareness

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The Centre would render consultancy services to different R & D projects going on in the state as well as outside the state i.e. on the national basis depending upon the availability of experts at a particular time. The Centre would also look for international consultancy opportunities.

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