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Development of the framework for Networking Programme on Village Information System (VIS)

Establishment of GIS and MIS Monitoring system for HP Crop Diverisifcation Promotion Project(JICA,ODA)

Forecasting Agricultural Output Using Space, Agro Meteorology And Land Based Observations (Fasal)

Climate Change Impact on Productivity of Food grain and plantation crops” within the umbrella project of “Mountain Ecosystem processes and Services in North Western Himalaya

Impact of Geodatabase Model for Assessment And Implementation of Disaster Management Action Plan

Spatial disaggregation of agricultural statistical data & food security analysis thought SPOT Vegetation datasets for a mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh

Integrated Geo database model for DRDA- Chamba

Developing Himachal agricultural system information files and decision support systems for niche based hill farming

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Mapping Himachal (India) Census indicators – 2001 and trends

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Agro-ecological zonation of Himachal Pradesh: Agricultural system information development at micro level

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Inventory of glaciers and glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) affected by global warming in the mountains of Himalayan region

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Impact, vulnerability and adaptation of mountain agriculture to climate change

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Developing mountain agriculture system information files for planning niche based agriculture development in Kangra and Mandi districts of Himachal Pradesh

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Developing district-wise surface area of Himachal Pradesh

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Developing district-wise Landuse of Himachal Pradesh

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Developing Surface Area (3-D) Information Files and GIS interface for Planning Niche based Mountain Agriculture System of Himachal Pradesh

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Disastrous Flash Floods in Himachal Pradesh A case study of Satluj River Basin

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Developing Block-wise agriculture information files for “Diversified Agriculture to enhance Farm Income” In Himachal Pradesh.

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Decision Support System framework for agricultural land use management and livelihood options for sustainable development of a mountain district of Himachal Pradesh

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Support Studies for Climate Change and Water Adaptation

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Application of Extended Range Forecast in Crop Planning and Operations under Sub-humid and Temperate Wet Conditions of H.P

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GIS based Agriculture Resource Information System.

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Impact of Climate Change on Mountain Agriculture of Himachal Pradesh

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Integrated Geo Database model for effective planning of DRDA

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Modeling environmental persistence of applied pesticides in different agro- ecological regions of Himachal Pradesh.

Development of a decision support system for the sustainable use of pesticides in Himachal Pradesh

Thematic paper Climate Change and Agriculture in Himachal Pradesh

Vulnerability Assessment of Agriculture- Horticulture Sector in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh” under Indian Himalayas Climate Change Adaptation Programme (IHCAP)


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