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WEB GIS Portal for District level disaster management plan

 This webgis portal is the successful outcome of the first ever joint intiative taken by District Administration , Hamirpur   and Centre for Geo informatics , CSK Himachal Pradesh Agricultural university, Palampur.

                 A research project entitled Impact of Geodatabase Model For Assessment And Implementation of Disaster Management Action Plan was funded by the District administration. Hamirpur with objectives of using the modern technologies of Geographic  Information System(GIS) and Remote sensing(RS) in identifying the areas of the disaster, nearest response team available, shortest route to approach the scenario, limiting the time of Search and rescue operations, Finding the suitable sites for carrying out relief operations. Besides a readily available map handbook in every line department depicting all resources and important areas prone to any land slide, hazard or natural calamity, etc. will be very useful for preparation and management during the disaster.

Parameters* that can be incorporated:

  • Samudayik bhawan, Panchayat Ghars, Schools locations
  • Fire station locations
  • PHC locations,
  • Grounds, helipads
  • Police stations/chowkis
  • Taxi stands, bus stops,
  • Vulnerable sections
  • Hazardous zones, petrol pumps
  • Industries

                  These maps are then made available at the concerned blocks in the customized in house developed web based GIS portal which could be used for regeneration of the maps with some additional information at the district/block level itself.

                 These geodatasets are also made available at the WebGIS portal maintained exclusively by the Centre for Geo informatics, CSK Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University, Palampur, which gets regular updates on the new spatial datasets.

 District Disaster Management Plan for Hamirpur :

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For any queries:

Contact: Dr.(Mrs.) Sharda Singh,

Programme Director,

Centre for Geo Informatics. Phone: +91 1894 232245.

Email: ;


GIS/MIS Expert: Kunal Sood,





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