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A GIS can produce information that answers specific questions and allows you to share that information with others. By visualizing relationships, connections, and patterns in data, you can make informed decisions and increase efficiency throughout your organization.

Geographic representation of data is one of the most effective ways to discover, understand and communicate information to the users meaningfully. The user can appreciate the pictures, maps and graphs much better than narrative text and statistical tables. Cartography as a discipline helps us to represent the data by its various products like graphs, diagrams, maps and atlases.

The portal has been designed to disseminate the spatial information developed at the Centre for Geo Informatics Research and Training, CSK Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University, Palampur. The Portal contains the spatial information regarding various districts of Himachal. The main objective of the system is to provide the information via a single window to the users. The information comes very useful for planning various assets with respect to improve agriculture, Rural Development, Disaster management, climatology, Policy planning and risk mitigation. The portal contains the outcomes of various projects undertaken by the centre. The data thus shown under attribute is purely from the research point of view.


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