Welcome to the WebGIS portal developed by Centre for Geo Informatics, CSK HPKV Palampur:

The portal contains macro/micro-scale time series georeferenced agriculture resource information generated (spatial and non-spatial) using Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The main Objective is to provide one such single window system for agricultural resources from where the information encompassing land use/land cover, cropping pattern, livestock, fisheries, crops/livestock diseases, and other resources including socio-economic conditions that contribute to development of agriculture and allied sector could be generated and visualized both dynamically and statically. These Informations are generated through various research projects undertaken by CGRT funded by Department of Agriculture, Govt of Himachal Pradesh, ICAR, ICIMOD, DST, UGC etc.


We are thankful to Department of Agriculture, Govt of Himachal Pradesh which provided funds for the project through Rashtriya Kisan Vikas Yojna ( RKVY) scheme under which this Web Agriculture GIS portal has been developed.

For any queries: Contact: Dr.(Mrs.) Sharda Singh, Programme Director, Centre for Geo Informatics. Phone: +91 1894 232245.

Email: sharda737@gmail.com

GIS Content Manager: Kunal Sood, GIS/MIS Expert