The Web GIS portal has been developed for the project entitled “Establishment of GIS & MIS and Monitoring System” implemented at Centre for Geo Informatics, CSK Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University, Palampur.

Web GIS portal


  The main aim of the project is to make use of capability and utility of GIS technology in the preparation of micro-level action plans for development and management of land use, with particular reference to watershed and monitoring over a period of time. Within this broad objective of the first major objective of the study was development of procedures and systems based on spatial and non-spatial data modelling using GIS for operative uses of watershed development planning at block and project site levels. Another objective is to assess the utility of satellite data in identification and mapping of various land use practices, and categories of land cover to update the information contained in sub projects sites.

i.  Data Acquisition: Acquisition of the relevant and appropriate data for the purpose which may include original survey data and descriptions required to perform data processing.

ii. Data Processing: Processing of the surveyed data alongwith the allied relevant data which is required for the input for GIS for the 210 sub projects located in five districts of Bilaspur, Hamirpur, Kangra, Mandi, and Una.

iii. Preparation of GIS based Spatial database for all the subprojects located in five districts as per requirement. CGRT shall also provide the expertise in the mapping the for survey and data collection using GPS/allied relevant instrument. The provision for mapping in possible locations using descriptive data and to review for verification.

 WEB GIS Portal:

 Presentation of results using GIS based Web GIS portal for public domain shall be maintained by CGRT, in order to make available the relevant spatial  and allied data for monitoring and consistent evaluation of the project activities under justified indicators.

a.  Generation of dynamic spatial data for all layers of DPRs.

b.  After completion of DPRs’ work, preparation of spatial data of all the actual constructed structures/assets generated

c.  Integration of geotag images of structures actually constructed in project sites in WebPortal.

d.  Monitoring of the implemented schemes over the time thereby identifying the GIS based change detection using time-series satellite imageries(depending upon availability of cloud free data of study area/season )/Khasra wise attribute data of the study area.

e.  Geotag images of structures/assets/any other field data including GPS points;time-series satellite imageries/Khasra wise attribute data especially season-wise crops, crop production, remuneration shall be incorporated.

vi. Updation/Revision of GIS data based in feedback from project Authority JICA India as and if required.


Web GIS Portal

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