The objective of the project is to promote sustainable crop diversification in Himachal Pradesh by development and rehabilitation of minor irrigation facilities and access farm roads, as well as by improvement of extension services including promotion of vegetable cultivation, thereby contributing to improvement of livelihood of farmers in Himachal Pradesh.

The project is to promote crop diversification in approximately 210 communities located in the selected five target districts in the State of Himachal Pradesh, through development of infrastructure, such as small-scale irrigation facilities and access roads, as well as through the Technical Cooperation Project will provide training on such skills as vegetable cultivation, food processing, marketing, operation and maintenance of irrigation facilities. Also, the institutional capacity to promote crop diversification will be strengthened, through the training for agriculture extension officers and farmers.

The funding for this project will be allocated to the development of infrastructure, such as small-scale irrigation facilities, strengthening of the institutional capacity of the Department of Agriculture, and consulting services.

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  Himachal Pradesh Crop Diversification Promotion Project


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